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Granular salt Granulated salt
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Water Softener Salt and Dishwasher Salt 

Granules Block and Tablets

dishwasher salt

Salt for water softeners and dishwashers



Water softener salt, dishwasher salt, tablet salt.Aquasol, Hydrosoft, Regenit and own label, 10kg bags, 25kg bags, part pallets and pallets. Granular salt, granulated salt Rock salt

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Water softener salt, dishwasher salt, tablet salt Aquasol, Hydrosoft, PDV and own label products. 10kg bags, 25kg bags and pallets.

Nationwide delivery. Special offers. Committed to quality.

Hydrosoft water softener salt tablets and own label water softener granular salt. We stock Hydrosoft and Aquasol both UK leading brands. Hydrosoft tablets and Aquasol both mined in the UK also stock own label water softener salt, granulated salt & Tablet Salt and now Block Salt. The vast rise in sales of water softener salt machines has seen an increased demand for salt for water softeners eg tablet salt   . Small orders are sent via DHlL,  throughout the UK, on a 48 hour service. Tail lifts are available for larger orders. After the severe winters road grit salt and white de-icing salt is also stocked. Rock salt is ideal to use to grit the roads, free up car parks and clear walk ways as well as the added incentive of being able to fill up your grit salt bins.

If you are a road salt supplier or user please contact us for a quote.

Now stocking PDV as well as water softener salt and Granlular.

Deicer salt,salt grit,white deicer,deiceing salt,,rock salt.Sea salt.

mediterranean Sea salt, sea salt

Water softener salt delivered through out the UK and Ireland

dishwasher salt

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